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Iron Wire Series:

Annealed Wire

Galvanized Wire

Straight Cut Wire (Tie Wire)

U Type Carbon Steel Wire

PVC Coated Wire


Wire Mesh Series:

Welded Wire Mesh
Hexagonal Mesh
Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
Chain Link Fence
Barbecue grill netting
Low Carbon Wire Cloth
Chain Link Fence
Barbed Wire

Chain Link Fence

HuaRuiDa supplies good quality chain link fence and other wire mesh fences.

Chain Link Fence Material: high quality low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire or aluminum alloy wire.

Weaving and characteristics: link and weaving. Chain link fence is simple, artistic and practical.

Chain link fence applications: Mainly used as greening fence, guard mesh, construction, residence's safeguard, etc.

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